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The World's First Consumer Detectives

Experts in Behavioral Marketing & Consumer Behavior

We are seasoned executives in Behavioral Marketing and Product Development who believe that the foundation of successful initiatives lies with true consumer understanding.

We do proprietary marketing and consumer research, providing companies with a genuine and intimate understanding of the behavioral economics behind consumer purchase.
We discover and validate the causal factors of consumer purchase behavior through a unique and proprietary methodology, called The Right to Succeed.
We provide our clients with a “roadmap” that guides profitable innovation and efficient advertising at every point along the product marketing and development process.

Trusted by the world's largest corporations

Fortune 500 Clients
Branding and Innovation Projects
ANNUAL incremental top-line Revenue for our clients
ethnographic in-home & in-store 1-on-1s

Our Clients' Stories

Ten years ago, when we were selecting an agency for Honda Dealers in California, Baker Street pitched the business. I remember, Don and his insight, ability, and passion for the business were obvious.

Since then, what I have found truly valuable and impressive is Don’s ability to know where we are going before we get there, predict it accurately, drive our plans to maximum benefit.

Bill Brenner - President, Honda Dealers Association of Northern California
Bill Brenner
Baker Street’s methodology is phenomenal at not only going very deep into consumers’ lives through ethnographic work, but they have cracked the code on not sacrificing breadth for depth. They are able to go extremely deep on a very broad group of target consumers through their one of kind approach to ethnography. This combination of throwing the net wide but also really digging into how consumers are interacting with your brand, product, and category has helped us to deliver extremely valuable, actionable insights to our clients on a variety of projects.
Amy Williamson - Principal at InisghtOut Chicago
Amy Williamson
We’ve found Baker Street Solutions to be the best at finding the key solutions to new organic growth demands in highly competitive markets. Their hedonic attribute mapping toolset helped us achieve a 6% YOY growth in the first year
Tom Schultz - VP of Product Development & Strateg, HCI Direct, Inc.
Tom Schultz

Our Solutions

Hedonic Discovery
The benefits of Hedonic Discovery are exponential, versus a ‘typical’ Focus Group approach to gain in-depth consumer knowledge.
Qualitative Research
We significantly improve the quality and the depth of the qualitative research. Consumer Hedonics is a validated approach to building any brand, new product or service idea, in any industry, based on the factors that drive the consumer behaviors that matter:

First Purchase | Repeat | Frequency | Loyalty | Tell A Friend

1-on-1 on site reasearch
Our process is unique and proprietary. Research is conducted exclusively with consumers/customers/purchasers, 1-on-1 at the point-of-purchase and at the point-of-use.

Our Clients