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Baker Street Solutions

We Go Beyond Insight to Forsight

Baker Street Solutions exists to help companies and brands build successful new product initiatives, perfect their brand positioning, and provide significant quantitative confidence to invest in their businesses.

We focus on increasing top-line revenue by discovering, then proving, the factors that cause purchase behavior.  We turn that knowledge into actionable, business-building ideas, products, messages, and digital campaigns driven by behavioral economics and predictive modeling.

We bring extensive ethnographic discovery experience (more than 10,000 in-home and in-store interviews), proven innovation expertise (more than $1.5B of current annual sales from projects to-date), and best-in-class analytics capability (predictive modeling with variance in the +/-9% range, 80% of the time).

Baker Street Solutions was founded in 2002 by Don Donovan, a former Procter & Gamble brand marketing and general management executive, who serves as Baker Street’s Chief Executive Officer. Matt Doyel, a former naval flight officer and also former P&G Marketing and Research Director serves as Baker Street’s President and Chief Operating Officer.