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Our Principles

We are the worlds best consumer detectives!

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1. The foundation of any successful business is built on consumer understanding.
A business will only succeed if it is built using Hedonic Discovery℠

Hedonic DiscoverySM
We discover the causal factors of consumer purchase behavior – these factors are called Consumer Hedonics.

Consumer Hedonics are the causal factors of consumer purchase behavior. The word ‘Hedonics’ comes from the root word Hedonism. Baker Street added an “ics” at the end, to signal that we have turned the passionate factors of consumer behavior into a mathematical science.

2. We believe consumer understanding is best done via ethnography.
We only do 1-on-1, point-of-purchase and point-of-use consumer discovery.

Point-of-Purchase / Point-of-Use

These are the moments of truth for any product or service.

We only conduct 1-on-1 interviews, at the 2 moments of truth, Point-of-Purchase and/or Point-of-Use.

Baker Street Ethnographers dig for the true causal factors of behavior, using a proprietary technique, and get them every time!

Moreover, we prove it all! The Hedonics (causal factors) we discover, are always highly correlated to the actual consumer purchase behavior.

3. We believe that building the client’s business is our mission.
We act like independent stakeholders in your business.

We have a strong bias for ACTION

We independently tell you what we think based on the data – not necessarily what you want to hear – in the voice of the consumer. From this we recommend a winning course of action as if we are YOUR business.

Finally, we will help you lay solid foundation for success on new business development and provide actionable recommendations supported by Consumer Hedonics – and our independence.

4. We believe a roadmap to success can be spelled out precisely IF you use very rigorous methodologies and procedures.
We have mathematically proven that every step in our unique and proprietary process, called The Right to SucceedSM, will deliver true consumer fundamentals every time!

The Right to SucceedSM

To be the best-in-the-world we have built the methodology called The Right to Succeed – our proven, proprietary method used by over 100 of the fortune 500.

Click here for the detail explanation of our unique and proprietary methodology